Indoor Projects

Trim Work Design Tips: From Casing to Crown Molding

So I'm finally ready to begin a long-overdue dining room architectural trim work design, and I want it to include all the classics: fluted casings, … [Read More...]

Outdoor Projects

My Battle with Surface Water Runoff

Surface water runoff from rain, downspouts, roofs and gutters can really make your life miserable if your landscape grading hasn’t been properly … [Read More...]

Recent Projects

Building a Removable Wood Fence Section and Gate

Updated — Originally Published October 6, 2012 When we enclosed my yard with a cedar fence 11 years ago, it seemed like a good idea to create a removable section so we could get a truck inside. You never know when you might need to get back there, right? So I built one. And as it turned out, this came in handy time-and-time … [Read More...]

Preparing to Install Hardwood Flooring

So, what does it take to install a hardwood floor? Is it easy? Hard? Expensive?? How much time will it take, and can I do it myself? Will I need special tools that I may not already have? These may be some of the questions you're considering if you've never done something like this yourself, and they're all good questions. A … [Read More...]

Replacing a Bathroom Toilet

When you own a home, toilet maintenance is something that comes with the territory. You can always call a plumber, of course, but even if you do - it's still always best to know what it takes to get something done yourself. What follows is a little chronicle of one Saturday afternoon at my house, and my toilet replacement … [Read More...]

How to Install a WiFi Range Extender for Better Home Internet Coverage

We’ve all become increasingly dependent on WiFi within our homes for our iPads, smart phones, game systems and laptops. And as great as this all has been (I love watching South Park from wherever I want), there are those occasionally-frustrating “dead spots.” Well, not any more! Below, I’ll summarize my use of a WiFi Range … [Read More...]

Belgian Block and Pavers – Dressing Up an Asphalt Driveway

My asphalt driveway was assaulted. I was hoping for the best, but we had construction trucks in and out several times during a pretty significant renovation project, and at some point the asphalt started to crack a bit on some edge areas -- and then just continued to crumble. It wasn't pretty. Arguably the driveway wasn't of … [Read More...]

Spider Mite Arborvitae Decimation

Updated — Originally Published June 8, 2011 Last spring and summer were brutal for landscaping in New Jersey... almost zero rain and non-stop heat in the mid-to-upper nineties. I had a line of emerald green arborvitaes that had been growing beautifully for about 8-9 years. These got hit really hard, and I frankly never saw it … [Read More...]

6 Easy Steps to Install an Outdoor Antenna

Debbie Davison is a technology enthusiast and she loves watching movies and TV. By writing for Australian Antennas, she gets the opportunity to talk about her interests. In this article, Debbie provides some insight on how to install antenna outside your house. Back in the day, simple yet free antennas were provided when … [Read More...]

Lawn Repair: Patching a Large Area with Kentucky Bluegrass

Lush green grass… we all love it. And maintaining a beautiful lawn is an ongoing effort, of course. There are the rules of watering, seeding, fertilizing, lime application as well as both pest and fungus control. So many facets to consider, and if you’re reading this – you’re probably quite well-aware. But there’s one … [Read More...]

7 Tips for Maintaining a Redwood Swing Set

Updated -- Originally Published April 19, 2011 It’s 1999. My wife and I just moved into our new home with our 3-year-old daughter and infant son – and we pretty much plan to stay here forever. So naturally, we want to do everything right. And setting the kids up with a killer play area is near the top of the list. We had seen … [Read More...]