Indoor Projects


Installing a Marble Threshold

Marble thresholds (sometimes called marble saddles) are very common in many homes, often found at bathroom entries. They look really nice, they're … [Read More...]

Outdoor Projects


Phantom Dinnertime Doorbell Ringing

Every few days, right around dinnertime - my doorbell was ringing. And nobody was there. It wasn’t a repetitive ring, or a ring followed by the … [Read More...]

Recent Projects


Lawn Repair: Patching a Large Area with Kentucky Bluegrass

Lush green grass… we all love it. And maintaining a beautiful lawn is an ongoing effort, of course. There are the rules of watering, seeding, fertilizing, lime application as well as both pest and fungus control. So many facets to consider, and if you’re reading this – you’re probably quite well-aware. But there’s one … [Read More...]


7 Tips for Maintaining a Redwood Swing Set

Updated -- Originally Published April 19, 2011 It’s 1999. My wife and I just moved into our new home with our 3-year-old daughter and infant son – and we pretty much plan to stay here forever. So naturally, we want to do everything right. And setting the kids up with a killer play area is near the top of the list. We had seen … [Read More...]


Creating a Natural Stone Landscape Border

This is a one-day project that’s simple in concept, but really added a lot of character to an Arborvitae line in the front of my house and also set us up to add softer flower bed plantings as well. What I love about landscaping projects is that they’re hard work, they’re outside - and they allow one to balance precision with … [Read More...]

Japanese Maple

Refreshing a Swimming Pool Landscape

Updated — Originally Published May 3, 2011 Last spring, my wife and I came up with a beautiful landscape design to complement our inground swimming pool, and we worked with a number of local contractors to help bring those ideas to life. But if you live anywhere near the Jersey Shore, you know that we then had one of the most … [Read More...]

Backyard Surface Water Runoff Issue - Ponding

My Battle with Surface Water Runoff

Surface water runoff from rain, downspouts, roofs and gutters can really make your life miserable if your landscape grading hasn’t been properly engineered. The equation isn’t terribly complicated: water needs to flow away from things it can damage. But this can sometimes be overlooked or frankly creep up on you if you’re making … [Read More...]


Things to Consider Before you go Solar

This guest post was provided by home improvement and energy efficiency writer, Tim Smith. Since the sun isn’t due to blow up for a couple billion years, we can all safely assume that solar power is here to stay. It’s not a fad and actually provides many benefits that many people don’t know about. How the Sun Shines … [Read More...]


Phantom Dinnertime Doorbell Ringing

Every few days, right around dinnertime - my doorbell was ringing. And nobody was there. It wasn’t a repetitive ring, or a ring followed by the sound of laughter and kids running away; it was a very sensible single ring – beckoning for an answer. But nobody. While I wasn’t really sure what the cause of the problem might … [Read More...]


Hall and Stairway Trim Work – Low Maintenance Shadow Boxes

Updated -- Originally Published December 26, 2011 One of the things I think really makes a home look beautiful is trim work. It's all about personal taste, of course - but I find the classic looks (rosettes, fluted casings, shadow boxes) always seem to carry a certain elegance, and when you have kids running around the … [Read More...]

Asphalt Paver

Paving an Asphalt Driveway

Surface tree roots and water drainage problems had been slowly killing my asphalt driveway for a number of years, but it was a convoy of construction trucks en route to the backyard that really finished it off. We tried to get creative and save the driveway with some beautiful (and strategically placed) Belgian block borders and … [Read More...]