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Scratch Repair for Wood Chairs & Rails: 10-Minute Fix

My house has been called "lived-in." And what that phrase seems to really mean is that we're always breaking stuff. The kids, the dog, the ferret … [Read More...]

Outdoor Projects

Repairing an Outdoor Trampoline

Repairing a Backyard Trampoline

Some of the best money I've ever spent has been on our backyard trampoline - the kids love it, they get exercise, fresh air and sunshine, and we've … [Read More...]

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5 Telltale Pest Infestation Signs to Look for When Apartment Hunting

This guest post was written by Derek Whitney. I moved into my first apartment when I was a junior in college, blissfully unaware of what was lurking in the walls. On the initial walk-through, the two bedroom apartment seemed spacious and clean. However, on my first night in my new place, it quickly became apparent that … [Read More...]


My Collapsing Paver Walkway

With each passing week, my paver walkway continued to cave in - and I was frankly getting more than a little frustrated. I was definitely worried about someone tripping and getting hurt because the walkway was becoming less and less stable, and even worse: I had no idea how to make the burrowing stop! Can you see the … [Read More...]


5 Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips from Professional Landscaping Contractors

This guest post was written by Steve Stewart, owner of Landscape East & West Home feel too small? Need extra space to relax? Consider adding an outdoor kitchen. The backyard is a popular “room” to renovate these days, as many homeowners can’t afford to buy a larger home or add on a full addition. An outdoor kitchen … [Read More...]


Floor Plan Design Trends in New Modern Homes

This guest post was written by George Hale, owner of H. Hudson Homes Modern home builders design functional floor plans that perform efficiently and maximize space. While new modern homes use similar design concepts, not all the floor plans are the same. By knowing which type of floor plan suits you and your family the best, … [Read More...]

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7 Tips for Working with Contractors

As great as it feels to conquer a major project on your own, the reality is that sometimes we all need to get some help. Finding the very best contractors is a definite challenge. But once they're engaged - what are the best ways to work together? Having been a contractor in my earlier working years, I've had the opportunity to … [Read More...]


Fun with Feng Shui: Creating Flow in Your Home Design

This guest post was written by interior design consultant, Bianca Stephans Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science concerned with promoting energy and harmony between one's inner self and their environment. Many Feng Shui principles have been adopted by interior designers to bring beauty, increase positivity and even … [Read More...]


Combat and Clean Mold from Your Wood Deck

This guest post is by Decking & Fencing Professional, Nick Marshall Fall: It brings to mind the brilliance of changing leaves, the glow of Jack-o-Lanterns, and the bounty of the harvest. But for a wood deck, fall also holds an insidious danger: moisture. Chilly mornings and cold nights bring more moisture to the air, and … [Read More...]


Downsizing? Interior Design Tips for Small House Plans

This guest post is by Home & Living Space Design Consultant, Alan Mascord Whether you find yourself with an empty nest, decide that you don’t really need that much square footage or just want to simplify your life, you’ll find that living large doesn’t have to mean living in a huge house. Moving into a small house plan … [Read More...]

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Installing a Bathroom Ventilation Fan

Mold and mildew were becoming a real concern with our upstairs bathroom. The humidity build-up after showering was clearly damaging the bathroom wallpaper and ceiling; it was starting to look pretty nasty up there. It was time to install a new bathroom ventilation fan. Long-Term Bathroom Water Problems The water issues in our … [Read More...]