Paver Walkway Burrowing Pest

A few days back, we noticed a small sliver of stone was missing from our front paver walkway.

As I took a closer look at it, I realized there was a hole underneath where the stone had been – and it looked kind of deep. I didn’t want to reach down to see if the stone had somehow dropped, thinking maybe there was a chance something might bite me.

So, over the weekend – I lifted a few of the stones and sure enough something had been burrowing down there. Where the missing stone piece was? Absolutely no idea!

Now, I always keep extra material from pretty much every job we do – and I have extra pavers for this walkway, but I don’t have a wet saw on hand for heavy stone like this. So, I though I would improvise…

Paver Walkway Missing Sliver

Paver Walkway Burrow 1

Paver Walkway Burrow 2

I filled in the burrow with some gravel, tamped it down a bit, reset the stones – and then filled everything (including the small hole) with colored polymer-fortified paver sand. Figured that would do the trick, as it was a small hole anyway. Plus, I wasn’t even sure this little animal (mole? mouse? chipmunk?) was still around. You can see the progress via the pictures below – this all took about 25 minutes.

Paver Walkway Burrow Gravel Fill

Polymer Fortified Paver Sand Dry

SIDE NOTE: If you’ve never used a polymer fortified sand with pavers, it’s well worth checking out. Take a look here for information and reviews. It hardens just enough to help minimize weeds and it’s particularly nice in areas where water run off tends to wash your sand away. You surely still need to maintain it as you do with regular paver sand – but a little less frequently.

Polymer Fortified Paver Sand Wet

These are the kinds of jobs I like – the kind that take less than an hour and don’t cost anything!

The following morning – I went outside to clean up the area a bit after the sand had cured to discover the little guy (and he SURELY must be small as you can see in the next picture) just burrowed right through everything again!

Paver Walkway Chipmunk Exit

I belong to a gardening site called (which I highly recommend for any gardeners that may be reading – a sincerely warm, knowledgeable and helpful community of people), and when I conveyed this story there, it seemed the general consensus was that this was very likely the work of chipmunks. If fact, one of the members was kind enough to provide the following link describing some of the behaviors of chipmunks, including the creation of elaborate burrows.

My property has many small animals – including chipmunks, moles, groundhogs, rabbits and squirrels. And we enjoy having them. And even though the chipmunks are so prevalent that we often refer to our cedar fence backers as the “chipmunk highways” (as they can often be seen racing across these) – they’ve never damaged anything before.

Someone suggested getting a cat to control the population. It surely sounds like a practical idea, but I don’t relish the thought of dead chipmunks. Plus, I grew up with Alvin, Simon & Theodore – and it just seems wrong to go after these guys.

So… I guess I’m going to have to cut another piece of stone (at some point), and perhaps concrete it in into place. Any additional thoughts on this? As nice as it is to have chipmunks, I don’t want my walkway undermined. And where the heck might he have put that missing piece of stone?!


  1. I have a real bad problem with moles undermining our paver walkways. Tried trapping them, tried influencing the lawn with casteroil products to chase them away, but they are still here.

    Thinking about pulling up all the pavers, laying down a concrete sidewalk then reapplying the pavers. Any one else have this issue?

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