Dressing Up an Archway with Fluted Casing and Rosettes

As my dining room trim work design starts getting underway, my construction strategy is to begin at the edges and work my way into the core of the room. So, near the top of the “start-building-it’” list is framing-out the dining room archway – and I’m planning to use wide fluted casings, rosettes and plinth blocks. […]

Floor Plan Design Trends in New Modern Homes

This guest post was written by George Hale, owner of H. Hudson Homes Modern home builders design functional floor plans that perform efficiently and maximize space. While new modern homes use similar design concepts, not all the floor plans are the same. By knowing which type of floor plan suits you and your family the […]

Fun with Feng Shui: Creating Flow in Your Home Design

This guest post was written by interior design consultant, Bianca Stephans Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science concerned with promoting energy and harmony between one’s inner self and their environment. Many Feng Shui principles have been adopted by interior designers to bring beauty, increase positivity and even prosperity into a home.  Each aspect of […]

Downsizing? Interior Design Tips for Small House Plans

This guest post is by Home & Living Space Design Consultant, Alan Mascord Whether you find yourself with an empty nest, decide that you don’t really need that much square footage or just want to simplify your life, you’ll find that living large doesn’t have to mean living in a huge house. Moving into a […]

7 Decor Tips to Achieve a Beautiful Home

This guest post is by Interior Decorating enthusiast, Jessica Christian. We all love the idea of having a beautiful home, even me, and I am about the least domesticated goddess that you will ever find! However, I have found that I take great pleasure in making my home look good, to the best of my […]

Sturdy and Stylish Curtains for Your Home

This guest post is by Interior Decorating enthusiast, Eva Stephen. I don’t know what it is about prefabricated curtains, but the flimsy rods, overly decorative hooks and the tiny screws just end up looking cheap, unstable and unappealing. Sometimes we just need a little more DIY elegance than the hardware store has to offer. In this tutorial, […]

Dining Room Design Accents: Wallpaper within Shadow Boxes

Moving now into the final phases of the dining room trim work design, the original vision for the room is becoming a full-blown reality. What started as a nice (but somewhat stark) dining area is now taking on a completely different overall personality. To me, this is the power of architectural trim work – and […]

Trim Work Design Tips: From Casing to Crown Molding

So I’m finally ready to begin a long-overdue dining room architectural trim work design, and I want it to include all the classics: fluted casings, crown molding, shadow boxes. Maybe some textured faux finish or wallpaper accents? Possibly a hardwood floor as well?? A project like this can be a very significant undertaking. But before […]